EXODUS is a joint theatre project consisting of six companies from Poland, Austria, Germany, France, Malta and Italy. They aim to create a regular schedule under the umbrella of a common corporate identity. EXODUS is the showcase for this initiative to form a veritable European Theatre.

The production is asking for cultural identity, for "Promised Lands" and what people do to get there. There are no actors on stage. On stage there are "real" people, presenting their real life stories: A veteran of the Albanian UÇK, who has fought in the Kosovo War for his Promised Land and has paid a big price for this. An African immigrant who came to Europe with the exodus of "Boat People", crossing the sea under perilous circumstances. An active marine of the Maltese Navy who has participated in numerous patrols and search-and-rescue-missions. A southern Italian whose native language is an ancient Greek dialect, currently only spoken by a few hundred people; veritable heritage of the Magna Graecia that has been founded in southern Italy by the Greek colonists in 800 B.C.

Jerusalem is the icon of all Promised Lands; the focus of the three monotheistic religions, the main arena of their conflict. Polish director and actor Maciej Adamczyk will take our audiences live on a guided tour to the Holy City: Equipped with a camera and a transfer mode system, Maciej will visit Jerusalem's most important sites and interview people he meets on the street. His performance will be risky, surprising, new and different every evening. The production team is writing a weekly blog in which they recount the experiences they go through as they work on the project, particularly regarding adventurous journeys they undertook to find the actors for EXODUS.



A European Theatre Project
Dedicated to the foundation of a veritable European Theatre