By delving into the cradle of the world’s three monotheistic religions, this contemporary theatrical experience clearly taps the current tensions between Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Mr. Potulski, the driving force behind this Franco-Portuguese-Austrian-Maltese-German project sees the current production as “the next step to form a veritable European Theatre” – a concept that has garnered the patronage of President Emeritus, Prof. Guido De Marco. The French Embassy has already confirmed its support.

The complex casting is scheduled to be completed by February – months of hitting the road in several European countries and the Middle East to search for and assemble a collection of authentic biographies. It’s a process that is intended to unearth moving stories in order to provoke an equally stirring theatre. The upcoming production has been invited to be staged in the course of a major cultural event in Berlin organised by prestigious institutions including the P.E.N. Centre Germany, the Akademie der Wissenschaften, the Centre for Modern Oriental Studies, Artneuland Galerie Berlin-Tel Aviv and German newspapers die tageszeitung and Rheinischer Merkur. The success of the Old Testament Project made news in Süddeutsche Zeitung, Germany’s largest daily newspaper, yet the Berlin round will publicise this Maltese production even more, this apart from the production team’s attempts to get coverage in the other countries as well.

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