Difficulties in Creation
How Munich theatre director and producer Björn Potulski
is implementing his Bible project in Malta

SÜDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG, Munich (Germany), August 31st, 2007
By Jakob Biazza

As in many circumstances, also in this particular case it is advisable to consult the Holy Scriptures. According to St Matthew’s Gospel, following his rejection in his hometown Nazareth, Jesus succinctly replied that the prophet is nowhere less accepted than in his home country and subsequently returned to his day-to-day business.

With a little presumptuousness the one seeking to get into Munich’s cultural scene may feel in likeness to the biblical image of being abused at home. The city presents its budding artists with many difficulties. This also applies when the subjects being dealt with can be considered as not being too subversive. For example in August 2006, Munich theatre director Björn Potulski developed the idea to base a theatre project on the Old Testament. He was fascinated by the literary grandeur, the cultural imprint of our every day language through its archetypical motives. Primarily, he was interested in the Old Testament as a major source of European identity. His intention was to stage twelve shows with two companies simultaneously in Germany and in another EU country.

In the cultural and theatre scene, Potulski is not an unknown figure. After having had local success with “The Lights Are Going Out All Over Europe”, a work about the breakout and progression of World War I, written in collaboration with colleagues, he was on tour at the American East Coast. The Bayerischer Rundfunk [a German public TV station] even filmed the production.


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