Lust and Order
Episode II of the contemporary Old Testament
Theatre Project shows in Valletta

THE MALTA INDEPENDENT, Malta, August 19th, 2007

When the lights go on for “Lust and Order” this coming Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the thoughts of theatre artists all over Europe will be with their colleagues performing at the MITP in Valletta. “We are about to stage the whole of the Hebrew Bible” German director Björn Potulski explains. “That means staging a major source of European culture and identity – that’s why we have dedicated our work to the foundation of a veritable European Theatre here in Malta. It is making us very proud that President Emeritus Guido de Marco accepted our invitation to be our patron”. The work is being produced in cooperation with future members of this European Theatre that an international collaboration of companies aims to form.

The Old Testament Project is a series of theatre productions that has had a very promising beginning with “Creation” at the Manoel Theatre in April and May. “Lust and Order” will now be presenting the second half of the Book of Genesis. “It all starts with Abraham”, Potulski says, “who is the father of three monotheistic World Religions. We will show how his once united family is breaking into fragments”. Before the background of a “clash of civilizations”, perceived by so many Europeans nowadays, this appears to be an interesting approach to a topic of current relevance. French Marion Sancellier who is the production’s choreographer proudly states that “not only four European nationalities and one African are working together on the show; they do also represent Christianity, Judaism and Islam.”


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